Double feature


The little evaporating orbs weren’t as visible in the morning and I found myself disappointed with this fact. While it was true that daylight brought with it a new set of wonders and beautiful sights, there was simply something magical about training at night, almost as if I was making my own contribution to the star filled sky. On the other hand, sunlight meant that Aron’s metal coat was as shiny as ever, refracting and reflecting every single ray of light.

She moved swiftly through the blades of grass but not without noise, in fact she seemed to make an effort to be noticed, like she was asking for trouble.


Didn’t take long for a wild volbeat to answer the call and charge into battle. Aron reacted with ample time and struck down the newcomer, finishing the battle before it began, or so it seemed.

As soon as she turned around, the enemy leapt towards her and scratched the top of her head.

The damage was minimal but Aron was angry. She turned around and repeated the previous attack, “Rock Tomb”. This time with added ferocity. The attack only stopped after little orbs of energy could be seen emanating from the body.


I took a deep breath, letting the sudden rush of adrenaline run out of my system while I patted my ally on the head. My eyes scanned the field, anticipating any attack, but no movement could be seen apart from the slow glowing orbs. Two streams of them.

I walked a bit to the side and verified that there had been in fact two volbeats. Both were beaten and both were evaporating, their bodies almost on top of each other.

My pokémon had beaten two wild ones without breaking a sweat.



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