Power trip


In all honesty, I didn’t know whether to be proud or intimidated by Aron’s prowess in battle, perhaps a little bit of both. She didn’t hesitate and didn’t need to take orders even though she heeded them.


A wild Illumise made its way out of the tall grass and attempted a surprise attack with its stinger. Aron didn’t even flinch. She simply stepped aside, dodging the strike in its entirety. She then proceeded to take down the enemy with an effective “Rock Tomb”, taking out the wild pokémon with a single hit.


My pokénav sounded off as the energy started to evaporate signaling not only an increase in level but also the unlocking of a new ability, “Roar”, a move that essentially drove away pokémon. Needless to say that Aron refused to learn this new move. She did not want pokémon to flee from her, she wanted to defeat them in battle.


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