Unexpected damage


The blades rustled and I could tell that a pokémon was approaching, but heard no footsteps.

Aron waited until the last possible moment before unleashing an attack, a “Rock Tomb” that impacted as soon as the wild pokémon became visible.

At first glance it didn’t seem as if the attack had been successful, especially since there was no body on the ground. The pokémon itself was floating a few meters in the air and algthough it looked bruised, it was still up for a fight. Aron was both surprised and excited after realizing this pokémon was not like the others, that this one might actually put up a struggle.


The wild solosis struck fast and with full force, denting the metal coat in several spots and causing some real damage. Nothing too serious of course, but enough for Aron to take this fight more seriously. She got a running start, leapt high into the air and inflicted a devastating strike with “Metal Claw”.

The green orb that was solosis began to slowly drift down as its energy began evaporating.


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