So fluffy


Noon, not yet but the heat was starting to get palpable, energizing each living thing it touched. Grass and trees, pokémon and human, even the sky seemed to be of a brighter blue as the small clusters of clouds danced across it.

Aron looked uneasy, itching for another confrontation but there was no movement to be seen or heard, just the breeze slowly brushing against us, the same one that pushed every puff of white in the sky.


I felt myself relaxing and even sort of daydreaming, finding patterns and imagining action sequences above. A bird, a pikachu, a professor and I could even see a cloud that looked like Aron. Two of the clouds were apart from the rest but moved simultaneously in the same direction and it bothered me that I wasn’t able to make a figure of it… and they were moving closer, against the breeze.


My ally growled and it was only then that it dawned on me, I was looking at a pokémon, that Aron recognized.

The pair of clouds moved towards me but I was only able to see its figure when it was a few meters away. It was only then that I saw the small blue figure with what looked to be two antennae and a white beak.


Aron charged before I could react and I thought it would be a one hit kill, robbing me of the capture.

The attack was flawless and brought the wild one close to death. I took the opportunity to grab a pokéball from my bag, a great one, and threw it. The wild pokémon was sucked into the pokéball which twitched once, twice, three times and was caught.

Aron looked disappointed as I grabbed the ball and checked my pokénav to find out that this had in fact been a swablu, a bird pokémon with cotton wings.



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