Lining up


My roster was above level 20 and just in case, I brought out my trusted Kirlia for the challenge.

Lunch was pleasant and recharged our batteries in full, all that remained was to go into town and enter the gym.


I tried to be as inconspicuous as I could, entering Mauville without drawing any attention, and it seemed to work since not one of the suited people paid me the least amount of time. They just wished me a good day in their robotic manner and then went on their own way.

The gym came upon me very slowly and I stopped in front of its sign, rechecking that I was in fact about to enter an electric themed gym, the leader of which was named Wattson.


I took one last look at my pokéballs, my team, one deep breath and then took the plunge, passing through the double doors and entering the gym.

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