First thing I noticed was the humm, not from the lights as one would expect, just a general presence, almost like the air itself had been electrified and the hair on my neck could atest to that.

– Hey, how’s it going, champion-bound Korsu? I kind of though you’d be taking on this challenge sooner.

A man of familiar stature was talking to me, one I had seen in previous gyms. Was he following me?


– This one is not going to be easy, Wattson, the leader of Mauville gym, uses electric-type pokémon and he is a tough nut to crack. You better have prepared your pokémon.

Upon closer inspection I in verified that it wasn’t the same man but was very similar. A brother maybe?

– Don’t get your little head in a knot, even though we looke alike, we are not the same person. This is in fact the first time I am seeing you, but I’ve heard tell of your feats from my colleagues.


His ear had a small black cord hanging from it, indicating the presence of an ear piece.

– As I was saying, you better have prepared and chosen your pokémon well. If you challenge him with water-type pokémon, he’ll zap them!! Bzzzt! There are pokémon resistant to this kind of damage and I hope you figured it out.

My Trapinch was invulnerable to electric damage and the rest had a pretty good offense. I was set.


– Oh, and don’t think you can just walk up and challenge him. He’s put in switch-controlled doors all over this gym! Eccentric! And don’t forget his followers, which are hanging around, just waiting for a good battle.

I looked around, but all I could see was the yellow checkered floor and a couple of pillars, indicators of a pokémon gym.


– Don’t let me keep you. Have at it! Take the challenge! Hey, go for it!

I said my goodbyes and moved between the massive pillars, each one adorned with large depictions of pokéballs and several names, some were crossed over.

Pokemon Emerald_09


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