Face the first


The room opened up and I could see some interesting stuff, among which there were bolts of energy being exchanged between two posts forming some kind of barrier.

To the left I could two people just waiting about, near the edge of this barrier, where one would move to go around it. The guy’s fingers danced across the strings of its guitar but barely made a sound, he was just practicing the movements. The other one, the girl, she was sitting down, legs crossed and eyes closed, probably meditating.

I approached and tried to avoid them but the guitar guy blocked my path.


– Now, Just where do you think you are going in such a hurry? It’s not polite to just move on ignore us.

– Indeed. You need to pay us the due respect. This is a gym after all.

The girl had stood up and moved up to the guy, also blocking my path.

– You should expect this already. We are students and followers of Wattson, if you want to face him you have to go through us.


– Damn right! My electric soul, it’ll shatter your dreams whole, whoa-yeahah!

He struck a few notes, moving his hands up along the guitar until he reached the end, where there was a pokéball.

– He has an excess of energy but he is not wrong. You’ll have to beat us if you want to proceed, just don’t get your hopes up. With my charm and my pokémon’s moves, you’ll be shocked!


These were trainers and my first challenge.

Both pokéballs flew high and released the pair I would be facing, the pokénav accused a pikachu and a chinchou. I chose Kirlia and Trapinch as my initial team.


Trapinch tried to hit pikachu several times but the little bugger was fast and kept increasing his speed and evasion with a move called “double team”. Kirlia had a little more luck and hit chincou with a critical hit.

I realized that one of my pokémon was vulnerable to water, an element chinchou was adept at, so I switched Trapinch out for Riolu, a necessary move but also costly. The opposing team took this moment to strike simultaneously and cause some damage.


A smile crossed my face as I realized my psychic pokémon had a move that could finish one of our enemies, a grass type attack against water would be fatal. Kirlia used “Magical Leaf” and struck chinchou down, prompting it to be returned to its pokéball. Looked like these trainers cared about their pokémon, at least enough not to let them die.

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