Of mice and pokémon


The beaten pokémon had been replaced by a small blue and white squirrel pokémon, a pachirisu, which according to my pokénav, was also of the electric type. What a surprise.

My pokémon did not want to give it a chance to dip its toe in the arena and attacked, Kirlia with “Confusion” and Riolu with a “Force Palm”. This time they both hit their mark and inflicted massive damage but not damaging their spirits.


The enemy pikachu had a grin on its face and struck Kirlia with a thunder wave, inflicting paralysis. It had been waiting for an opening and my pokémon let it down momentarily after seeing her attack connect. Riolu wasn’t fast enough to dodge the newcomer and also got hit.

– They might be small in size…

– … but their mighty in power!


My opponents were gloating and I had to admit that they were getting under my skin.

Kirlia attempted an encore but got affected by her current status. Riolu hit the pachirisu with a “Bullet Punch” but it barely did any damage.

The opponents reacted at the same time, joining their attacks in one strike and inflicting paralysis on Riolu.


My frustration was starting to be palpable and my opponents knew it.

Attack after attack, the two little pokémon dodged but were also unable to get one in. Pure luck caused the paralysis to mostly occurr while attacking.

One of these rounds, Kirlia froze from the paralysis and Riolu faked it. Pikachu didn’t risk it but pachirisu came in close for an attack, he was taken down instead by a “Force Palm”.


Maybe now I could finally finish the battle, but no, this pikachu was one fast pokémon and when one of my pokémon was finally able to attack, the paralysis would kick in and freeze them in place. Our enemy was pratically playing with us.

– Ah, so close! No, wait, it wasn’t! Better luck next time!


The couple of trainers were pratically laughing at me and my frustration was beginning to rub off on my pokémon. Kirlia was especially angry and the redness of her horns started to appear on her cheeks as well.

This taunt went on for a few minutes. The laughter, the paralysis, and then finally everything stopped as pikachu finally fell down, struck by a “Confusion”.


A collective sigh on my side was heard as the felled pokémon was finally retrieved.

– Why are you guys sighing? It’s not over yet!

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