The scrappy pokéball


The pokéball fell on the ground and released another pokéball, a much larger one.

My pokémon were a bit confused and so was I, what on earth was going on?

Sparks surrounded this ball at increasing speeds and in larger numbers, almost like it was building some kind of charge.


I was so transfized with this that it was too late when I realized I was in fact looking at a pokémon, a voltorb, by then it had already discharged the energy into an attack. The only thing that saved my pokémon was the fact that they were already suffering from paralysis, which lessened the blow and reduced the damage to almost nothing. Looked like the bulk of the attack was focused on inflicting the status.


My pokémon must’ve felt inspired by the previous cooperation they had witnessed.

They didn’t even look at each other as their movements mirrored each other and completely synchronized the attacks, hitting voltorb simultaneously with “Confusion” and “Force Palm”.

Both of them connected and did an impressive amount of damage, taking down the enemy in a single, double blow.


– Well, that was anti-climactic… I thought we would beat you down but I must admit, I’m shocked by your power!

Voltorb was returned to its pokéball.

– It was impressive though, the battle I mean. That was plugged in, amped up, over-driven electric, man!! You sure know how to put on a show.

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