The hair on my nape stood up as soon as I stepped back through the double glass doors.

I retraced my steps, slowly walking on the yellow-checkered marbled floor until I reached the trainer couple.

The man by the entrance gave me an extreme look of disapproval, which I promptly ignored as did the trainers, not even standing up to acknowledge me and actively avoiding my gaze.


Not two steps from them, the floor rose up in a peculiar pattern, a lightning shape. I assumed it to be a small table, but the spring mechanism below it said differently.

I scanned the floor and found a couple more of these small platforms spread throughout the gym.

There was only one thing I could do to figure out what they did and so I stepped on it.


The response was instantaneous and loud as the previous wall of lightning got turned off at the same time several others appeared. It was a switch and it remained pressed as I stepped off it.

I went through the first wall of energy I had faced and crossed another switch, which I pressed, opening a new pathway and closing the one behind me. The first switch returned to its previous position.


Three trainers were up ahead but none of them were paying me any attention as I approached them, towards another switch. This one was close to two trainers but none of them engaged me, at least not until I activated the switch, it was only then that both of them stood up.

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