Bug zapper


– Ohhh, you sure look like you got some interesting pokémon. Can I see them?

– Angelo! That is no way to approach a trainer. You need to challenge them promptly like this… Hey you! You have to pass through us if you want to face our gym leader! Now release your pokémon and get ready for a battle!


– Really? When you say it like that you seem so full of hot air, even more than usual. Just let the kid relax a bit before he battles us, his pokéballs look ready and I bet his pokémon are also hungry for some action. Maybe they are unique or even shiny, yes shiny, I love shiny things!


– Yeah, yeah, we all know you love shiny things. Now get ready for a serious battle! I trained under Wattson! There ain’t no way I’ll lose easily!


The one who seemed to like shiny things, Angelo, was dressed like an explorer and looked completely out of place in this gym, especially considering the bug net he held in his hand. The other was playing with the chords in his electric guitar without paying much attention to it.


Both of them released a pokémon of their own, an Illumise and an Electrike. My own pokémon made their way onto the battlefield, Kirlia and Trapinch were more than ready, striking first, at least partially. Illumise had snuck in an attack and dealt some damage.


Kirlia’s confusion was more than effective against electrike, dealing massive damage but Trapinch was nowhere to be found, she had dug a hole.


Both enemies tried to strike my buried pokémon and hit nothing but dirt and the dirt struck back. It trembled for a bit and erupted from below the opponent, dealing a devastating blow and causing Electrike to be recalled back into its pokéball. Kirlia took advantage of this and hit Illumise with a confusion attack, also dealing a great amount of damage.



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