Stop the beat


A red pokémon, much alike the defeated Illumise was released onto the battlefield, the action was not yet done but my pokémon still remained affected by paralysis. No item on my bag could nullify this, but it didn’t stop us before.

Both my pokémon tried to attack the new enemy, but halted in their tracks more than one time.


The opponent, a Volbeat, seemed to be focused mostly on inflicting damage, namely paralysis, but was utterly not efective since we had already been affected by it. It looked like the trainer partner that had already been beaten was the one focused on damage.


Kirlia managed to do damage with “Drain kiss”, Trapinch struck twice with “Bite” and then “Feint attack” leaving the enemy at death’s door.

Paralysis struck before my pokémon could deal the final blow and Volbeat took this opportunity to deal a lot of damage to Kirlia, non fatal but still a lot of damage.


My pokémon finally managed to rally and deal the final blow, making the enemy retreat into its pokéball.

– That was sparkling! A real battle! Oh… oh… my eyes are frazzled… but it was worth it! Such shiny gems you have. Our leader will surely enjoy beating you.


The bug trainer sat back down and started to pet his pokéballs.

– There, there, I will take you to the center very soon.

– Stop cuddling your pokémon! Your words make them soft! You see me wimpering? No, you don’t!


The musician payed no attention to his pokéballs and just resumed his playing.

– Unplugged and turned off… but I’ll manage. You’ll have to do better to unplug our master!



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