Switch, switch


I made my way past the two trainers, up to another switch. At that moment I could see a straight, open path to the gym leader but there was still many switches to press and I was sure there would be a secret passage somewhere… I was wrong. That did not stop me from pressing it and locking up the leader path with a solid barrier of sparks.


The only path left open took me past a surprisingly life like statue yet given my current location I couldn’t help but be suspicious about it.

I checked my pokémon, two of which were suffering from paralysis, so overall I was ready to battle in case the statue decided to engage me.


My feet moved slowly and silently but the object still moved and the statue challenged me to a duel, throwing his pokéball almost immediately.

– This gym’s got puzzles! Isn’t it fun? Now we battle! Isn’t it fun?

He was so excited that I swear his body was pratically shaking or maybe it was an effect from all the electricity in the air.



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