Zig, Zag


A very energetic pokémon erupted out of my opopnent’s pokéball.

Its fur alternated between light and dark brown in spiked layers across the body, becoming particularly dark around the eyes, giving it the air of wearing a mask.

My pokémon, Zorua, was also energetic but focused and attacked as soon as his paws hit the ground, this however was not without its price.


As my ally approached for an attack, the enemy saw through his defenses and also struck back. Blow for blow, damage for damage, move for move, they seem to almost mirror each other to a point, we were dealing a larger amount of damage.

The successive uses of “Cut” were starting to show some damage on the fur and splatters of blood could be seen across its body. Zorua was not without injury and a small patch of red was staining his leg.


Through it all I thought my pokémon was holding back, playing with his opponent, I was not wrong.

He waited for the enemy to lose its step, for it to be tired and panting before he decided he was done, that he would finish this battle, and finish it he did. A “Feint Attack” struck precisely in the middle of the small dark mask, between the eyes.


The pokémon fainted and was recalled back to its pokéball. That Zigzagoon would trouble me no more.


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