Zorua didn’t flinch as the opposing trainer released another pokémon.

It was a pink little thing with white tufts around its neck and on the top of its head. The tail ended on a bright blue, translucent ball.

This was one pokémon I did not recall seeing before and currently knew nothing about, something that could be easily fixed with my a look at my pokénav. It was a Flaafy and it was known for its capacity for high voltage static discharges.


My pokémon struck first with a “Cut” attack, inflicting massive damage but not without recoil. Apparently the white tufts had the ability to inflict paralyiss if touched, which of course happened.

The enemy did not wait for us to reagain our bearings and struck back, also dealing a considerable amount of damage. I was in serious danger of losing my Zorua and considered switching him out but he wouldn’t have it, he charged the enemy and finished it off with another “Cut”.


Flaafy got recalled to its pokéball before the remaining life flickered away.

– Had I known it would end like this, I wouldn’t have bothered to stop my concentration. I was so close to breaking the record too. It’s no fun to lose…

The opposing trainer went back to his statue pose and I recalled my Zorua to his ball.

To my left I could see a very wide corridor, showing me the way to my final gym confrontation, my way to victory!



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