Electric Introduction


– Tell me something young man… you’ve been to the city right? Don’t you think it could use a little upgrade? Isn’t it a little, what’s the word… stale? No, that’s not it. Common? Old? No, none of these fit! The point is that this city needs to be renovated, it needs more energy.

I answered honestly, in the sense that I didn’t care much for it and made it so I spent the least amount of time in it.


– Understandable, this not a city for everyone, but it could be… it could have more lights, electric fences and displays, and puzzles, puzzles and riddles everywhere, that would make it more interesting don’t you think?

The idea of such a place gave me a headache and reminded me of a certain someone’s house I had run into on my way to this city.


– Alas, I’ve given up on my plans to convert the city, I have. No one is very open to the changes I suggest. And so, I put my time into making door traps in my Gym. In this aspect they have no say, I am free to do as I please. It adds another depth to the gym instead of just a straightforward battle royale.

I thought about the switches I had to press in order to open my way and stated that they were in fact entertaining.


– I’m glad you liked them. Now, what are you doing here?

I didn’t know if he was making fun of me or just oblivious, yet I introduced myself and stated my purpose.

– What’s that? You say you’ve gotten past all my rigged doors? Past my trainers?


My head nodded in response.

– Wahahahahah! Now, that is amusing! A young trainer like yourself is just what I need to energize my day! You say you are a good trainer, that you’ve mastered the secrets of my gym… then, I, Wattson, the leader of Mauville gym, shall electrify you!! Ready yourself… you are in for a shocker!!



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