Psychic Fail


A gym leader was no walk in the park, so I decided to start strong and release Kadabra, one of my mental power houses. He could handle whatever came out of a pokéball.

Wattson grabbed a pokéball without looking at it at did not throw it, just pressed the small white button so it opened in his hand.


The released pokémon was small, possibly smaller than a pikachu, it rose high above us but did not touch the ceiling. It circled us twice and proceeded to glide in a downward spiral until its feet touched the ground right in front of my pokémon.

A wide smile was drawn across its small, white round face. The black round ears and fluffy tail made it ridiculously cute, and that was without even considering the bright yellow wings it stretched below its small arms.

My pokénav identified it as an Enolga, an electric pokémon… no surprise there.


– Let’s see what you can do against one of my big players. Don’t you dare go easy on them Enolga!

The cute pokémon nodded in response and its expression became deadly serious. Something told me we shouldn’t take this one lightly.

Suspense fell on the battlefield as each pokémon tried to measure their enemy before making their move.

Kadabra tried to strike first but the other pokémon was faster and improved its evasion with “Double Team”. “Confusion” still hit for some damage, but from then on it wasn’t so easy. The following turns were a repeat of the first one, except no other attack from us landed and Enolga kept raising its evasion.


After what seemed like an eternity, Kadabra finally managed to inflict “Disable” and prevent the enemy from using “Double Team” again.

A smile crept across Wattson’s face and I felt a chill on my neck. Something was wrong. We were in trouble and didn’t know it.

I rechecked my pokénav and noticed a small note in the description stating that this was a pokémon that also used dark attacks, a psychic pokémons weakness.

My mouth moved before my hands did and I recalled Kadabra to his pokéball.

Wattson’s grin widened.

– Smart boy…


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