Blue on blue


I had forgotten… I had been so absorbed by the battle, by the fact that this was a gym leader, that I forgot this was a gym leader!!! This was not a battle as all the others and he was sure to have more than one pokémon.

Wattson released a blue pokémon with a star on its tail, Luxio, replacing the fallen Enolga. My hand passe along my pokéball roster and I decided to switch out Trapinch for Riolu, something about it just felt right.


Both of them spent a few minutes sizing each other up before meking their move, and this time we were the faster ones. Blow after blow from the opponent hit nothing but air and sure we weren’t dealing much damage but its health was slowly decreasing.

Luxio moved graciously and actually managed to avoid some attacks until my ally used “Force Palm”. The enemy just seized up with a surprise look on its face.


– Well that was unexpected, well played.

Wattson was acknowledging me solely based on the fact that I managed to inflict paralysis for which he ironically did not currently possess any items.


It seemed that Luxio was very susceptible to the status since he was barely able to move without seizing up.

Riolu did not pull any punches and brought the enemy very close to defeat, getting bolder with each attack. In restrospective I should’ve told him to keep being cautious but the rush of winning and getting the upper hand was all I could feel and think about.


Paralysis didn’t hit one of the times and Luxio fought back, almost eliminating us in a single blow.

I could’ve panicked and be more cautious, telling my ally to retreat but victory was almost within my grasp and I wanted to taste it so I cheered Riolu on and he finished the battle with a final strike form “Force Palm”.


– Two down! Now it’s time for us to start getting serious. What say you?

Wattson recalled his dying pokémon before it vanished and readied another pokéball.


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