Dig, avoid, hit


Considering my choices, I felt it best to choose Trapinch even if it was suffering from paralysis. The immunity to electric damage was the one thing that could finish this battle.

As soon as my ally entered the fray, it got hit and suffered some damage but it didn’t stop her from digging a hole and disappeared from sight.


Every single following attack the enemy made dissipated as it hit the dirt and utterly missed its target. I could tell that Blitzle was nervous as time passed by and it couldn’t tell where my pokémon was.

The ground shook violently and Trapinch emerged from beneath the enemy, lifting it high in the air and dealing massive damage, finishing this battle.


Trapinch returned to my side as Wattson recalled his pokémon.

– You did well so far but you will have to do a lot better if you expect to beat my prize pokémon.


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