Okay, I was down two pokémon but I could still recover. Trapinch had saved me once before and maybe she could manage another rescue, especially considering that she was immune to electricity, a fact that could be vital.

– Come on son, I’m growing impatient and want to get on with my life.

Wattson was pushing my buttons. He knew I was angry and would let emotion drive me to do some mistakes, if not all of them.


Trapinch entered the field, immediately started digging and for one shiny moment it seemed she would make it, shiny being the operative word here.

The entire scene was darkened in a purple light, blinding me to all except a small dark figure that slowly fell to the ground, inert. Trapinch was close to death when I recalled her, the dark attack from the enemy was super effective and dealt a finishing blow.

– That was it? That was your plan? I hope you have better moves to show me.


Rage took me and I just called on the next pokémon, trying to get some revenge on my opponent but the one I called, Aron, was no match for the powerful manectric, it took my pokémon down in a single devastating hit of “Shock Wave”.

My eyesight got blurry and I realized I had started crying, be it from sadness, anger or a mix of both, it mattered not, I just wanted payback.

My roster was down to two pokémon, both of them strong and which I considered to be my best.


Riolu landed on the battlefield in style and growled angrily at his opponent. He didn’t wait for my orders and rushed the enemy with a “Force Palm” attack but it didn’t reach its target. My pokémon feel unconscious, his arm stretched out his body twitching from the remaining electricity. The “Shock Wave” that hit was so intense that the air itself crackled with energy and I could feel the hair stand up on my nape.


– Was that it? Your final move? Are we finally done?

Wattson yawned in an obvious taunt, for which I fell, hook, line and sinker.

I yelled out that my pokémon were strong, that I was not done, that the battle was not yet over.


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