I remember little to nothing from the days that followed, just sadness and anger.

Somehow I made my way to a pokécenter and a bed, on which I just hibernated, crying myself to sleep several times. I only got up to eat and to use the bathroom.

One of those times I looked in on my pokémon and saw that they had been healed, didn’t recall if I had done it, didn’t matter.

After what seemed like an eternity, I woke up in the dark, picked up my team of pokémon, which now included a Roggenrola, had a very early breakfast and headed out the door.


Outside, I realized I had been staying in Verdanturf and the familiar sunrise brought with it new purpose, my purpose. I needed to get stronger! My pokémon needed to be more powerful and that meant training was the word of the day.

I approached a familiar site and grabbed one of my pokéballs. Time to get back to business and get some truly powerful pokémon.


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