So this route seemed to show more promise, even if it was only by the fact that the landscape was brand new.

– Hello there! Are you lost?

I approached the young woman that had addressed me, sitting with her legs crossed and folded hands on her lap. Her pink and white dress suited her perfectly, or was it green? I seemed to have trouble telling the colour apart.


– Can you hear me? Are you ok?

Green or pink? Maybe it was the lush grass around her that made it seem like the dress was also tinted that way.

– Maybe he doesn’t talk? Or is he shy? Are you shy mister?

To my right, a small boy appeared wearing a scout uniform. I replied that I was ok and greeted them both, introducing myself.


-Ah, and here I thought you were too shy to talk or maybe even mute.

The woman got up and came up close to me.

– Are you per chance a trainer? I ask this mereley out of courtesy seeing as you carry pokéballs on your belt.

I nodded in agreement and grabbed a pokéball.

– Yay! It’s battle time! I’ll show you how to battle!


– Take it easy Tyron, let us keep a cool head…

She took a long look at me.

-… or maybe not. Let’s try to do things a little different then, show me how to put a little excitement into my life.

– Ohhh, now you’ve done it mister. She is all fired up, and she got me all excited as well. Let us battle! I have good fighters and this is my favorite kind of pokémon. Let me show you!


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