My foes released a pair of known pokémon, a Growlithe and an Exeggcute but neither looked menacing, they wore a docile expression and expectantly waited on their respective master’s orders.


I unleashed the two pokémon at the top of my roster which meant my Zorua and Trapinch appeared on the battleifled. This had been a mistake, I should’ve traded Trapinch lower on the roster line since she wasn’t able to keep on fighting for now. Kirlia took the place of my ill-prepared pokémon.


Zorua struck the Exeggcute but dealt little damage and as he retreated, little green leaves began appearing on his fur, he had been seeded.

Growlithe just played a supporting role, encouraging its partner… to apparently no effect. The fact that Exeggcute’s attacks kept missing also didn’t help.


My pokémon attacked ferociously, dealing massive amounts of damage to both pokémon and barely suffering any of it. The only real damage was due to the sapping from the leaves in Zorua’s fur but it was not enough to change the course of the battle.


Zorua focused the Exeggcute and finished it off while Growlithe did nothing to help it, just supported its partner attack with “Helping Hand”.



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