I went to the left, passing the trees where there was a small clearing, with smoke. Two people were talking there.

One was standing near a small brazier with a blue apron on while his hands moved swiftly across the flames, tending to food I could not see but definitely smell. He paid no attention to me but the woman in green stood up, smiled and came right up to me.

– Hi! Did you come from mauville? Then you should be full of energy! If not, nothing like food cooked outside. Want a bite? Hayden! Hayden is the food ready?


The man yelled out something I couldn’t quite make out.

– Stop yelling, you know I can’t hear you when you’re over a brazier. Come here!

He turned around and headed straight for the woman.

– I said, it’s not done yet, it needs at least another 15 minutes.

– Ah, so there’s time.


– Time? Time for what? I’m famished!

– Time to talk with our new friend here, the trainer.

The man looked at me for the first time and smiled.

– Oh yes, there is always time to talk, but don’t expect us to go easy on you, when you’re as famished as I am, there is no room for pity!

He pulled a pokéball from under his apron and the woman also picked one up from her belt.

– Shall we begin this conversation?


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