Song and fire


My opponents released their respective pokémon, a Chatot and a Numel, both peculiar pokémon, but not as strong as mine.

I released my two top pokémon, Zorua and Trapinch. Damn it! I forgot to change the order again and that meant I had to waste valuable time in switching Trapinch out for another pokémon, Riolu.


The enemy Numel didn’t wait for me to gather my team and attacked Zorua, dealing quite a bit of damage but Chatot just defended itself from an attack that did not come.

Zorua struck true with “Bullet Punch” dealing massive damage to the Numel while Chatot attacked the newcomer Riolu, leaving him with very little health. I did not expect that pokémon to deal so much damage.


My ally, Zorua readied moved in close to Numel and finished off the pokémon with a “Pursuit” attack.

– I’m working up an appetite! Order up! Next one!

The man recalled his unconscious pokémon and readied its replacement.



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