Keep burning


A small orange pokémon appeared on the battlefield, one whose body singed the grass around it. The heat it released was so intense that its partner, Chatot, had to move a few meters away.

– Really? You had to bring out that one? You know how dangerous it is to keep it from spreading fire everywhere.

– Would you relax? I got it under control and the battle will be done with very soon.


Zorua struck Chatot with great precision, damaging more than half its health with Riolu following his lead, attacking the newcomer with fast blows so as to not get injured.

The little Slugma had gotten its health devastated but retaliated by shaking its head and releasing part of its body onto the enemy, my pokémon, leaving him very near death but not out of the game yet. Slugma’s defense increased as its body seemed to reform after losing that small part.


Chatot moved fast and attacked Zorua, also leaving him in the red but unable to protect itself from any attack on our part, Riolu took advantage of that and used “Bullet Punch” to finish off the colorful pokémon with a note on its head, which was ironic since I hadn’t heard it sing a single tune.

Zorua punced the small, hot pokémon and dealt the final bit of damage necessary for it to faint and be recalled alongside Chatot.



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