Spare meal


-Ooh lala! That’s a lot to take! I did not expect the battle to go like this.

She looked behind her shoulder, towards the brazier whre meat was being turned over. The smell was intoxicating and my stomach responded with a loud growl.

– Well, at least it seems like the food is ready. You care to eat with us? We have more than enough.

I nodded in agreement and headed towards a small table where I was served a nice piece of meat, cooked to perfection.

She joined me on the table but the man did not sit and kept tending to the food.

– It’s ok, we can eat. He enjoys eating while he cooks.


I needn’t hear more to start devouring the food provided and we finished quickly… the first few pieces.

We ate through the hour until there was no more food and I had to unbuckle my belt.

The man finally sit beside us and stretched his hand towards me.

– Well I see that you enjoyed the food and since you were such a good guest here is something to sweeten your mood.

He handed me an elixir, a gift to which I just managed to utter a thanks before burping loudly.


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