House up the hill


I thanked the young couple for the plentiful meal, wished them a good day and made my way up the road, didn’t have to walk very far before I spotted a large, yellow house with a white picket fence surrounding it.

A large sign was posted outside with large black lettering on it: “Our family’s hearts beat as one! The Winstrate’s house.”

– Ahem! Hello!


There was a middle-aged man standing by the fence, right where I could see a gate.

– Hello! I take it you’re a traveler, a trainer perhaps?

I nodded in agreement and introduced myself.

– Welcome, welcome! This, as you might’ve read, is the house of Winstrate, a most respectable family of trainers but I’m sure you’ve heard of us.


I had not, in fact, I knew not of any famous trainers, be it family or otherwise, and if I did I was terrible with names.

– You sure you haven’t heard of us? That’s weird… how’s this? What do you say to taking on our family of four in a series of increasingly difficult battles?

My hesitation must’ve been visible.


– Come on, nothing like a challenge to get your blood flowing. What do you say?

This seemed like a gym-type challenge and I wasn’t up for another thing like that, at least for now.

I respectively declined.

– Is that so? Well, we are not going anywhere. Drop in, if you change your mind!



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