Record keeper


This was awe-inspiring, a true marvel of human ingenuity. It looked as if the mountain had been hollowed out in order to make room for this massive… whatever it was.

There was a large board with a title on it :”Time board”. This board showed what I assumed to be the record time spend on each of the tasks listed, all of them the same value.


I had no idea what this was about but there was an employee up ahead, further inside the mountain, along a large corridor.

My feet made their way along the corridor, right up to the woman behind the counter.

– Hello. Good afternoon. Welcome, how can I be of service?


I asked about the mountain, about what was supposed to happen here.

– This is the Trainer Hill where you may enjoy tag battles with many other trainers. Unfortunately, we’re still getting things ready. Please come back later!

She smiled politely and directed me back to where I had come from.


It looked like this was a facility for battle challenges but it was not yet ready to endure several pokémon confrontations. That explained the records on the board, they still had their default values.

Record keeper


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