After the previous pokémon fell I expected the battle to be over, however a new pokémon entered the fray, a Venipede which the pokénav identified as an insect and poisonous type. There were notes about its defense and attacks but I was unable to keep reading.

Kirlia did not wait for the pokémon to get settled in and promptly attacked with “Confusion” to little or no effect. She was not pleased and did not expect it, so much so that she froze temporarily.


Riolu readied his attack and hit the opponent with “Force Palm”.

My pokémon struck with great precision but his reaction was not one of victory, he winced and I noticed that he had become poisoned, a result of the many miniscule stings along the enemy’s body, something the pokénav mentioned in a very small footnote.


That small defense did nothing to reduce the damage and it suffered a critical hit, curling up into a ball before being recalled back into its pokéball.



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