Gracious defeat


The last opponent disappeared inside its pokéball.

The woman stored her pokéballs and bowed her head towards me.

– Oh, dear me. I seem to have lost.

– No! No! We can still fight! Come in, Pokémon! Are you okay? Pokémon 1,2 and 3?! Yo guys can still battle right?


– Calm down…

– No! We battle!

– Calm down!… please.

The boy settled down as she slowly approached me.


– Sniff… That odor—it’s a pokénav! We must register each other!

Sure, she saw me use the pokénav in battle, but there was no way she could smell it. Her pokénav appeared on her hand and she reached out, touching it to mine and exchanging our contacts.

– Thank you. Be sure to keep a watchful eye because we will challenge you again.

– That’s right!! Just you wait mister!!!



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