Seed of metal


There was a man standing by the shoreline, his blonde hair spiked in ways that seemed unlikely and he had an unusual amount of energy about him.

He rushed over to me as soon as he saw me, pulled out a microphone and practically screamed in my ear.

– Let my melody rock your soul! Let’s play together!


His pokéball flew high and released a pokémon in front of me, one I had not seen before.

My pokénav recognized this new one as a Ferroseed, a weird metal ball with green spikes sticking out of it.


Kirlia stepped up with confidence and used “confusion” on the enemy. The attack was less than effective but my pokémon wouldn’t give up just yet and attacked with “magical leaf”.

Leaves of every conceivable colour materializaed around my pokémon and flew towards the opponent, swarming. It was impressive to watch but the cuts that were made quickly disappeared. There had been virtually no damage inflicted by the attack.


My ally had given her all but it was simply not a good match-up so I decided to switch her out. Question was, which pokémon would take her place?

I chose Trapinch.



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