Fish gear


Earlier, I had not seen another living person on that beachm besides the young woman whom had given me the little Totodile, but now, now they seemed to be popping up everywhere.

The musician I had defeated was not the only new face, there was another, larger man donned in red clothing, holding a long pole over the water. It was a fisherman.

I approached and asked if he had had any luck.

– No, not yet, but it’s still early and the fish are curious.

The thin, translucent wire stretched from his hand, along the flexible pole and dropped into the water, disappearing without so much as a wrinkle.


– For Fishermen, equipment is the key. See how my line barely disturbs the water? That is some good quality fibers right there, but it is also due to the stability of my fishing rod.

I observed the different parts of his gear as he mentioned them and could in fact check that they were steady, still, quiet.

– But for Trainers, the key ingredients are pokémon and heart, of course!

He lowered his fishing rod gently on a tripod and made sure it was secure before turning around and facing me.

– Shall we test you on your ingredients?

His hand held a pokéball.



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