A stroke of fins


The fisherman released his pokémon, opening the pokéball towards the nearby water. A newcomer with several shdes of blue and pink spots.

This pokémon was beautiful, I didn’t need the pokénav to tell me that but it did identified this one as a Finneon.

Kirlia was my chosen one on this battle and she did not waste any time. Leaves of every colour rose up around her in a twirl and began swarming the water pokémon inflicting small cuts on its scales and increasingly bigger damage.


When the colours vanished, the target was dangerously low on health and responded with a barely effective “water gun”. My pokémon countered with the same attack as before and used “magical leaf” to finish the pokémon.

This one was not recalled and began evaporating, forming large glowing orbs above it.


– I was beaten in heart? No. It was my pokémon that was at fault. I should try and get a better one. Looks aren’t everything you know?

The fisherman picked up his fishing rod and resumed his activity, not giving me another ounce of attention.



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