The previous pokémon had begun evaporating but we had no time for a breather, a wild Mienfoo jumped into the fray.

Kirlia wasted no time in striking at it with “confusion” and causing the pokémon to fold over itself and start to vanish.


A growl came from the very same spot, and I was able to see some movement, the movement of a mienfoo, but not the same one, apparently there had been two of them moving in unison.


In fact, they were moving so closely to one another that this second pokémon had also suffered the effects of the attack.

The now clearly visible enemy strengthened its stance and managed to deflect the damage Kirlia directed at it. Surprising yes, but this little parlor trick wouldn’t last long and we still had a lot of damage to offer.


Leaves swirled around Kirlia and then struck the enemy effectively ending the battle.



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