Mixed beat


The tall blades of grass caressed my shins as I walked about. Several trainers were passing by and a few were stopped nearby, but none of them seemed interested in battling, they were focused on catching pokémon and getting to wherever they were going.

A red blur streaked across my field of vision and stopped just a few meters short of me.


Kirlia reacted on instinct and dealt a great amount of damage.

It was a wild volbeat and it wanted some action, so much so that its frail condition didn’t stop it from retaliating and using “confuse ray”. When it hit, Kirlia’s eyes went blank and she lost all sense of direction.


The status was not permanent or very effective and my pokémon was able to shake it off in a few seconds. She then walked up to the wild pokémon, touched its head with hers and trembled ever so slightly, point-blank “confusion” attack… after that, volbeat fell to the ground, unconscious and glowing, about to fade.



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