As soon as the wild sneasel began evaporating I saw movement in the same direction, fast movement, leaves flying about. Something was angry, agitated and fast.

Kirlia readied herself for incoming danger and as expected, a wild pokémon jumped up and attacked, lading near Kirlia who just managed to avoid the damage.

This was one angry volbeat, but the most distinguishable feature was its pose.


By now I had seen my fair share of volbeats and the one thing they all had in common was their demeanour, always light on their feet, almost dancing, but this one was stiff, rock-like and with a stern, focused expression.

It tried to attack again but my pokémon had already unleashed “confusion”, a direct hit that not only inflicted a massive amount of damage but also left it a bit disoriented, almost like it had just woken up.

Kirlia didn’t wait for it to recover and attacked again, finishing it off.



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