Kick the rock


I replaced my lead pokémon with Roggenrola in order for him to resume his training. His health wasn’t full but he could still kick some ass, I hoped.

A wild mienfoo appeared, challenging my pokémon to a battle.


This time my ally didn’t need to be told to attack or pay attention, he backed up a few meters and charged in with “headbutt”, causing considerable damage but also leaving him open to counter-attacks, which the enemy proceeded to do.


It was like watching a dance. Roggenrola charged in too fast for the enemy to dodge and mienfoo took advantage of the recovery time to strike back, a routine that lasted for quite some time time while the health of both kept diminishing. The only reason I let it go on was the fact that the enemy was dying faster than my own pokémon and in fact managed to finish it off while still retaining some health. Not enough for this to be considered a victory in my book.


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