Pincers beats rock


The next pokémon to make itself known was a little durable guy, whose kind I had fought before, a durant.

As soon as those pincers closed and the metallic sound echoed, I knew we were in trouble, that my pokémon was in over his head, but Roggenrola would not hear it.

My ally charged in, head first, connecting the attack “Headbutt” with the enemy, sending it flying back a few meters.


Roggenrola didn’t wait for the enemy to get back up and charged once more, only this time Durant was ready for him with its mandibles, crushing my little pokémon for massive damage, leaving lower in the yellow.

My pokémon didn’t give up though, it got up an attempted to charge once more, barely dodging those pincers that had injured him and taking damage in the process.

It was time to throw in the towel for this pokémon and switch out for another before Roggenrola expired.



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