Beaten down


Riolu slowly made his way back to me, leaving a small trail of blood, dripping from his fingers, some of his but mostly from the now disappearing illumise he had left lifeless on the ground.

A purple blur jumped out from the forest and flew towards my pokémon in a surprise attack… which didn’t surprise Riolu at all.


My pokémon barely flinched when the new pokémon appeared. He just stepped aside and as the wild pokémon flew by him, hit it on the side with “Bullet Punch”, twice.

The impact was so fast and fierce that the wild illumise didn’t even react and just fell, limp on the ground.

Bloody fist imprints could be seen on the abdomen of the now dead pokémon and Riolu’s hands were now mostly clean except for a couple of self-inlicted , damaging cuts from all the consecutive attacks.



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