Volbeat gets beaten


Night was now making its presence known and specks of light could be seen emerging from the nearby forest, not the glowing orbs from fading pokémon that I had become so familiar with but the small bulbs of light that wild volbeat had at their bottom.

It was clear by the way they were moving that at least one of them was headed my way and I did not wait for it to arrive.

My hand released Zorua from his pokéball which prompted an artistic entrance… as usual.


My pokémon landed ever so softly facing me with his eyes closed, then opened them suddenly and did a backflip, staring into the enemy, if it had been there.

I contained a small giggle when I saw Zorua’s confusion, but explanations were not needed, the wild pokémon was landing in front of mine, a volbeat, as expected.

Zorua did not wait for this pokémon to ready itself and struck immediately with “Pursuit”, destroying more than half its health bar.

The wild pokémon tried to recover but my ally would not have it and dealt a finishing blow with “Cut”, effectively cutting off the wings and antennae of the volbeat as it turned around. Had it been at a slighlty lower angle, the pokémon might’ve lost its head entirely.

Zorua did not wait for the enemy to star evaporating before returning to his pokéball.



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