The volbeat goes on


More than one light was moving towards me in the dusk which of course meant that I had to face at least one more volbeat.

I released Zorua from his pokéball and nothing appeared except a dark, purple cloud, leftovers from the use of “Feint Attack”.

My pokémon appeared in front of me, another purple cloud fading around him, his mouth growling at the approaching light.


A few seconds passed before the enemy could be visible enough to hit, but as soon as Zorua got a clear path to it, he disappeared in anew cloud of smoke and struck the enemy.

I didn’t know if it was pure luck or not but the enemy managed to strike back almost immediately after suffering massive damage.

Zorua shook off the little scratch he suffered and dealt a finishing blow with yet another “Feint Attack”.

The enemy hadn’t even fallen to the ground and my pokémon was already back in his pokéball.



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