Same place, different day


The mattresses were too spongy, the pillows too soft and the sheets too itchy… lucky for me I was always extra tired from all the training when I needed to crash at the center, so I fell asleep almost immediately.

The food wasn’t that good either, but considering it was mostly free, I could not complain.

I got up at the crack of dawn, had a quick breakfast and made my way back to my usual training spot. By the time I got there, most of my clothes were wet, the morning dew and ambient fog saw to that.

The tall grass was undisturbed and I had my doubts whether pokémon were awake already.


I released Zorua from his pokéball and even though it was very early, he still made a grand entrance, with a double flip and a twirl.

By the time he landed, the grass was shaking, almost as if in response.

A large green body made its way out of the grass and charged towards my pokémon, the yellow flower atop its head looked familiar and I knew we were facing a cacnea.

Zorua reacted fast enough and dodged at the last moment, while readying an attack and unleashing it as soon as the enemy had its back turned.

My pokémon disappeared in a small cloud and finished the battle in one single strike with “Feint Attack”.

His pokébal closed around him before the wild cacnea hit the ground, dead.



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