Light of day


The sun had been up for a little while and wide shadows were still cast. The ambient fog also helped reduce visibility and I could see a few light bulbs floating around, indicating the obvious presence of pokémon.

One of these lights approached me, a purple-hued light I did not wait long for before releasing my Zorua from his pokéball.

He did not appear, only a small puff of dark smoke could be seen, then another to my left followed by another to the right and finally right in front of me, directed at the coming illumise. His head was lowered and slowly rose to meet the new enemy.


My pokémon could not resist an entrance.

As soon as illumise was clearly visible, Zorua disappeared in a familiar cloud of purple and black smoke after which an impact was heard and the enemy hit the ground. One “Feint Attack” was more than enough to finish the battle, if I could call it that.

My pokéball opened momentarily and I knew my pokémon was back in his space, waiting for a new enemy.



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