Still chewing

I couldn’t believe he was still chewing and that I was still listening.

– You there? Damn, that’s a good sandwich. Oh, there goes some sauce, sorry mam.

The sound of an angry passer-by was a little entertaining, specially considering that the woman in question was probably yelling out loud in the middle of a crowded beach.

– Look, I said I was sorry and I am moving on ok? I’m going, I’m going. You there? It’s not like it was a great disaster, just a few drops of meat sauce and she was heading for the water anyway. Don’t see what the big problem is.


I contained a chuckle as I pictured him maneuvering through the overcrowded beach.

– You know, my pokémon and I have been doing great. We’re fully fueled!!

There was no doubt in my mind about that.

– I love that sound. It really fills me up with positive energy. Me and my pokémon. You hear that? The sound of the ocean? Soothing, energizing, inviting… that’s it! I’m going for a swim. Bye!

He terminated the call and I was about to call him back and warn him of the hazards of swimming right after eating but he was probably eating another sandwich while in the water, so my point was mute.

The thought of hearing him chewing again was also a deterrent.



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