My pokéball stirred and Zorua leapt out in a flurry of somersaults before landing ever so softly.

I searched the tall grass for an enemy but did not find any, my pokémon however did not move and was staring intently at the blades of grass.

A few seconds passed before I saw slight movement, not of the grass itself but of a shadow making its way to us.

The shadow left the grass without as much disturbing a single tall blade and entered the arena.


Its whole body inspired calm as it slowly extended its orange arms and spread his orange legs, assuming what I could only suppose to be a battle stance.

The yellow head bent once to each side as a loud crack was heard and the yellow hands were slowly stretched.

It was only after this that the wild pokémon mienfoo opened its eyes and motioned my pokémon to engage.

Zorua didn’t move at first but ended up attacking first, disappearing in a cloud of smoke. Mienfoo took a step to the left and avoided the attack entirely.

My pokémon wasn’t discouraged and repeated the attack twice more, missing both times by a small margin.

The enemy didn’t react in any way, just stood there, inviting my pokémon to attack and evading his attacks effortlessly.



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