Bit by bit

Zorua kept trying to land an attack, but every single one missed its mark and the enemy barely moved at all, didn’t counter attack either.

They just kept at it, dancing with each other without really making contact.

Something was bothering though, this pokémon didn’t seem intent on actually inflicting damage on another, it just stood there, evading and deflecting every single attack Zorua made… why?

This lasted for minutes and I could tell my pokémon was getting increasingly frustrated with every miss.

Zorua vanished once again in a cloud of smoke that reappeared behind the enemy but there wasn’t any impact again. My pokémon managed to quickly switch between attacks at the last possible moment and used “Cut”, finally inflicting some damage and splattering the enemy with his own blood.


The wild mienfoo looked surprised but did not react aggressively, instead it just beckoned my pokémon to try it again, which he did, switching between attacks at the last possible moment and again spraying red through the air.

The damage being done wasn’t too effective but it slowly began carving at the enemy’s health and still mienfoo would not retaliate, even when its health was down to the yellow he just stood there, beckoning my pokémon to attack and attack he did, finishing off the enemy with a couple more blows.

Zorua did not return to his pokéball immediately, he instead approached the evaporating body of his enemy and bowed for a few seconds, entering the pokéball only after this small ritual was completed.

I pulled out the pokénav and reread the description for mienfoo which stated that some of them did not enjoy the battle itself but made their life’s purpose one of training others.



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