But a scratch


I could hear skittering across the grass as something small but fast made its way through the blades, getting closer to me with each passing second.

My eyes could not see which pokémon was approaching but my ears provided ample warning to release Zorua onto the battlefield and be ready for an incoming attack.

A moment later and the battle would have probably ended on a different note. Zorua had just touched the ground after his usual flourish when a metallic shadow rushed him, missing its target by very little.

My pokémon barely had time to jump and avoid the attack.


I recognized the speed and ferocity of this wild pokémon and knew it was a durant.

A small red bead could be seen on one of Zorua’s front paws, a small cut the enemy was still able to inflict, one my pokémon would make sure to return ten-fold.

Zorua’s silhouette shimmered for a second as he faded from sight and a loud impact could be heard on the wild pokémon, sending it flying high, through the air until it landed a few meters away, devoid of life.

My pokémon reappeared in front of me and licked the spot where he had been cut, only then did he return to his pokéball, right as the enemy began evaporating.


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