Ducklett does not lay down


A blue, round shape emerged from the grass and I immediately recognized as a wild ducklett.

I did not wait for it to be ready and immediately released my pokémon, unleashing Zorua from his ball in another elaborate maneuver.

Ducklett was not impressed and attacked right as my ally was landing, causing minimal damage but enough for his health status to become critical.


Zorua did not let his enemy retreat without retaliating and used pursuit for a great amount of damage, almost knocking out the wild pokémon.

The blue pokémon retreated but mine wouldn’t let up and faded out of sight, only to use “Cut” before striking, effectively ending the battle and causing the head of the pokémon to start sliding off its neck. The view itself was quite gruesome but there was no blood, probably due to the wound getting cauterized.

As the lifeless, mangled body of the pokémon began evaporating, Zorua returned to his pokéball for well-deserved rest.



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