Like before, a wild mienfoo entered the fray and ran straight towards my pokémon.

Aron backed off a few steps and tried to steady herself, expecting an attack and the newcomer did not disappoint. My ally tried to act preemptively but mienfoo avoided the attack easily with a small jump. It then used her head as a stepping stone, jumped high above Aron, twirled a few times and delivered five precision strikes across the metallic body of my pokémon, each one resonating like a bell increasing the sound to such a degree that it was almost deafening.

I called my ally, urging her to move but she was unable to, the sound had some sort of effect to it and she flinched every time she tried to snap out of it.


Mienfoo landed a few meters away, turned around and charged my pokémon once more, expecting to deal a large amount of damage to this incapacitated foe. Its speed was impressive as it closed the gap between them in an instant, but not before a small dry impact was heard and the loud ringing stopped.

The enemy tried to change its course but it was too late, Aron struck it with severe prejudice, inflicting several deep wounds with “Metal Claw” and finishing off the wild pokémon.

The short sound I had heard was a result of my ally’s head hitting the shell and breaking the harmony. Some quick thinking on her part had saved her metallic ass from defeat.



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